Frank Pisauro

Author of G.E.S.S.—Genetically Engineered Super Soldier—The Phoenix Book Project Book One

Debs does amazing work and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. She was always consistent and constantly available to answer any questions I had throughout the entire process. Her notes and comments I found extremely helpful and she was always there to help me, which has improved my book tremendously. I am truly looking forward to working with her again in the near future.

Jerrica Santel

Author of the SEALed With A Loving Kiss series

Debs was amazing with me. I was so nervous about sending my first book to anyone really, but Debs made it great and so simple. She never got upset with any reservations I had and answered all the questions I had. I would recommend her to anyone who is a first-time author or even a seasoned author looking for an editor. She helps with anything you need and never turns your book into something it's not. Made my book ten times better! Worth every penny!

Sheena Fleming

Scottish Crime Writer: Author of Watching Over You 

I was so happy with Deb's editing of my first book. Debs offered me advice and shared her knowledge of the processing involved. If it wasn't for Debs I would not have been able to publish a paperback issue of my book. That is the format that I enjoy to read. She reassured and kept me up to date with the editing process of my book. A friendly hand to guide me through the complexity of self-publishing. I would highly recommend Debs services to anyone looking for an editor. Value for money in a sometimes expensive industry.

Mark R Hopkins

Author of Deceit: A Life of Lies

Debs has been amazing. She has guided me through each step, with a wealth of knowledge through the entire process. The quality of her work is second to none. I’ll most definitely be using her for every book in future.

Terry Weaver

Author of A Dark Day in Texas

It was a pleasure to work with Debs and her team at Online Book Services. My experience was professional, timely, and well worth the investment. If you want the very best finished product for your readers and your reputation as an author, choose Online Book Services

Nole Moody

Author of Feral: A LitRPG Novel

Debs was a pleasure to work with. This was my first ever novel and she showed patience, good judgement, and creativity in helping me through the entire experience. The quality of her work was consistent, and I'll be using her in the future.

Aidan Colyer

 Author of Shattered City - Call of Reality LitRPG Series

Debs reached out to me as I was getting a few reviews about my editing being sub-par. After the initial test chapter I was sold. Great communication throughout and a really in depth edit. I will definitely be coming back to use Debs for more editing in the future!

Bea Stevens

Author of the Liberty Lawrence Chick Lit Series

Initially, I was sceptical about paying so much to have my book edited by Debs, only because she was new to me, so I didn't know if I would get value for my money, but am pleased to say she did a great job. She was professional and definitely knows her stuff, but was still willing to discuss any issues that I wasn't so sure about. I found her very approachable and was pleasantly surprised at how much she kept in touch with me throughout the process.

I got the impression she was rooting for me, and was keen to make my work as good as I could get it. She made suggestions for improvements and helped me standardise my series, making it look even more professional. She was even able to help me with some technical issues I had with my computer, and worked with me to find a solution. 

Although I originally hired her to edit one book for me, I ended up having my whole series proofread and re-formatted by her, as she had noticed anomalies that my previous editors had missed. She did a very thorough job, and helped me raise the standard of my brand, for which I am very grateful.

If you are serious about your brand, and can afford the best, I would definitely consider hiring Debs.

Bela Latif

 Author of Death's Life and Death's Lament

Debs contacted me when I was in search of a book editor on some pages on Facebook. She provided me great service with book editing, and helped me through the process of publishing. She was fast paced, and knew what steps I should take to promote my book. Debs is very sincere in her work, and the quotes are very affordable for the services. She makes sure you are happy with the edits and her creativity to make book covers is stunning! I am really happy and thankful for everything she did, and I will come back for my next book!scription

Joanna Warrington

Contemporary Saga Writer & Author of Gambling Broke Us

Debs approach was professional. She pointed out some very helpful ways in which I could sharpen my writing and this has helped in the writing of my current project. Also, she pointed out a vital timeline error that I hadn’t picked up.

Ica Iova

Award Winning Author of Convenient Lies

Debs Arden edited my upcoming romantic suspense, Convenient Lies. I was completely satisfied with her editing, which was thorough, thoughtful, and effective. She improved the readability and layout of the text, clarifying points without changing the meaning, and she gave me advice on points of English grammar and usage. I would have no hesitation in recommending her editing service.

Alex Baron

Author of Love & Time

My experience with editor Debs Arden has been amazing! She’s quick, yet efficient with everything she does and stays on top of things at all times. She communicates regularly throughout the entire editing process and is an excellent lady to work with. I highly recommend her.

Natalie Le Roux

Author of the Five Kingdoms Sci-Fi Romance Series

Working with Debs on my debut novel was an incredible experience. She is patient, professional and did amazing work on my story. At first, I was nervous about getting an editor, but she took such great care of my work. I look forward to working with her again on the next chapter of the series.

Barry Buckingham

Amazon Best-selling Author

Dave gave me the impression that he had read through all my manuscripts before editing them, this was shown through the comments and questions he made on the edited drafts of my scripts that I had sent him. The turn around time from me sending to me recieving the finished product was very quick. And when I read what he had done I was very pleased. His work is of the highest professional quality. This has shown through the sales of my books. They have more than doubled since he has edited them for me, even quadrupled. I would wholly recommend On Line Book Services as an editor for anyone who needs one.

Mark J Newman

Amazon #1 best-selling author

Dave walked me through each step of the editing process, taking the stress out of getting my debut thriller to market. He was always on hand to offer friendly advice and assistance. Dave went above and beyond, introducing me to other authors and websites that could assist me in my journey to making it as a writer.
Above all, he took my ideas on board, made suggestions for improvements, always mindful that I should maintain my own authors voice.
I no longer have to burn valuable time trawling the web looking for decent and affordable editorial services. Now that I have found onlinebookservices.com I intend to use them for all of my future books.

Eileen Troemel

Author of the Wayfarer Series

As a self-publisher, I'm always balancing out tasks like writing, editing, and marketing. Dave Arden with Online Book Services edited a story, which saved me time and energy in one of these tasks. He was thorough, efficient and saved me time. His prices are fair and his work excellent. He got the story back to me faster than I expected. He's an asset to any self-publisher.

Si Rosser

Author of Red Mist

Working with Dave and Debs Arden on my latest thriller, Red Mist, has been an absolute pleasure... Dave provides a fast and flexible editing service, and spotted the smallest of grammatical errors and plot inconsistencies in my writing and polished my book into a product that I felt confident and proud to publish. I'll be using him for my next book for sure... Currently in production

Simon Jenner

Author of the Ethan Justice Thriller Series

I gave Dave an ARC of my latest book hopeful that all errors were gone. As usual I was wrong but also eternally grateful that I let his eagle eyes peruse it before it went live.

Tim Stevens

Amazon #1 best-selling author

Working with Dave at onlinebookservices.com has been an eye-opener, both because it’s brought home to me how essential a skilled editor is for any work of fiction, and because Dave’s thoroughness, professionalism and responsiveness has been exemplary throughout. His attention to detail is such that he irons out not just typos but also overused words and clumsy turns of phrase. His prices are eminently reasonable, especially considering the speed at which he works. I can’t recommend onlinebookservices.com highly enough, and look forward to working with them for the rest of my writing career.

Denny Gager

Author of Children's Books and Westerns

Dave Arden is an amazing editor. He finished my book in no time. He is spot on. I highly recommend him to anyone. Will work with him again. Very wonderful experience.

Solomon Carter

Amazon #1 Best-selling Author

My books had been edited previously by people I hired from various well known websites. The editors always came across as professional, but readers expecting to enjoy a story without distraction were disappointed by typo errors which I had already paid to eradicate. When Dave looked at my work he found scores of errors left behind by previous editors. since Dave has been working on my edits I feel more confident that my work will get the reviews they deserve and generate the sales to match. I highly recommend this service to any writer. You do the writing, Dave does the editing.

M Z Kelly

Amazon #1 Best-selling Author

Dave at onlinebookservices did a great job of polishing, editing, and proof-reading my manuscript. His service was quick, thorough, and high-quality. He offers accurate and professional editing at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend his services.