What We Do

Affordable, quality editing and proofreading services for new and established authors.

Online Book Services has established itself as an affordable and reliable editing service for both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. By offering quality and on-time editing, we have built a reputation with both first-time authors wanting to self-publish their manuscript, and established authors looking to improve the quality of their work. We have done this by building a one-to-one relationship between the author and the editor and engaging the author throughout the process. We offer a no-strings, free sample edit for all new authors.

In addition to our editing services, we offer:
Author Pages
Ghost Writing
Query Letter 
Book Cover Design
Book Video Trailers
Author Website Building/Management
Arrange Book Signing Venues & Media Coverage

For details of the full services we offer and package prices, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

N.B. onlinebookservices.co.uk has no connection with and has never been associated with Mazzaroth Publishing, a vanity publishing company owned by Mike Sims.

Who We Are

Dave & Debs Arden, Editors and founders of Online Book Services.


After following the advice of Mark Twain, by not letting my schooling interfere with my education, after leaving college I embarked on a career in the Civil Service working for the MoD. A discipline in accuracy in what I did was a good grounding for my future career editing manuscripts. Over twenty-five years in sales and marketing, selling to the security printing industry, and a further ten selling software testing services, honed my skills further. Accuracy and clarity is essential in both cases.

Frustration with having to read numerous novels with appalling errors in them inspired the setting up Online Book Services. The skills I developed in my previous occupations have proven invaluable, but editing requires one to develop additional traits. It's a fantastic learning opportunity. Any manuscript that comes before you has certain elements based on fact, whether it be a reference to a brand name, a piece of pop culture, a work of art, or a reference to another novel or a song. Researching such things has proven to be an education in itself. The fact I get to read great, riveting thrillers is clearly a major bonus to thoroughly enjoying what I'm now doing.


Originally from Germany,  Debs is a British citizen who grew up and was educated in the Cotswolds, known as the heart of England, with its rich cultural history and charming domestic architecture of honey coloured stone. She studied Journalism, English Language and Literature at Oxford University where she earnt her first degree. Oxford is one of the best and oldest places to study English anywhere in the world. After achieving her Journalism and English degree from Oxford, she suceeded by earning another degree at the University of Augsburg in Germany in Medical Science.  In 2009, Debs and her husband Dave, founded Online Book Services and now reside in a cosy village in Gloucestershire.